Thursday, January 19, 2017

If you're still playing 
with boys, how do you expect 
to attract real men?

Haiku 65 .Laura Curren.

With all this passing time 
I wonder if I'll ever 
forget your birthday,
the holidays of us in mind,
if I'll remember you forgot mine  
& you were just passing the time.  

.Laura Curren.

Sometimes when I sit in my car, 

I feel like I'm driving the whole world-
& who's to say I'm not;
it's all in front of me
over my dashboard, 
what I perceive,
the colors & details
I choose to see  
or the lack thereof, 
the blurred remains 
of places I leave, 
the past trails fast
behind me.
.Laura Curren.

My kindness is not
weakness if you're asking for 
it when you're in pain.

Haiku 66 .Laura Curren.

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