Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things I don't find attractive

white sunglasses on men
being called Lauren (especially when its spelled out right in front of you! ancient pet peeve...argh)
any variation of a croc; this includes those biker shoes that look more like toe socks
too much manscaping of the eyebrows, chest hair, and yes dick-it looks like a corn dog if you mow the whole area!
improper grammar
swearing just to sound cool
grills-the mouth kind, because I do find bbq to be very attractive
lack of manners. please and thank you
a negative outlook
empty conversation
quiet suffering
bowties unless youre james bond
guys who boast about connections. I dont care if you partied with Rihanna...can you party with Me?
unflattering hairstyles
a top 40 music selection
a narrow mind
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