Thursday, January 5, 2012

what ive got for matt & amy's wedding so far (not refined at all amy cuz I know youre reading this)

I stand before all the love I've known in my life, and its you who I choose
The day we met was the first chapter of something beautiful ive read before
but its your version that I truly adore
something beautiful that i just cant put down
something i read before i go to sleep and when i wake up
its your words that carry me through my days
but you are more than words
you are love in tangible form
you make romance real, something i can touch for all my remaining days
something i can breathe and taste
you are the love ive collected and saved
you are the love that started in the back of my mind
the love i had always hoped would surface
you bring it out of me, you let it rest in my thoughts
you make it move, you make it speak
and never is it still or silent as long as i am with you
for as long as i am
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