Monday, September 26, 2016

I start to get in a routine.
I leave clingy times behind.
I'm comfortable waking up with only 
my expressions & thoughts. 
I invite my focus to face myself. 
I sweat beside hillsides on my own. 
I'm with the breeze & the trees & my capable knees
breathing deeply. Quietly. 
There's no one meeting me. 
I crave touch not to soothe or rule me;
but because I'm human. 
It's alright if my laundry is unfolded 
or my legs aren't shaved. 
It's okay if I don't have energy today. 
I don't worry about the interpretation of events. 
I don't worry about the present 
shifting to past tense. 
My heart is only speaking to me. Happy & alone. 
Then you come along 
& I want to fuck this all up.
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