Sunday, September 18, 2016

It was the summer after the first year of college,
everyone was back home.
I was feeling sexier & bolder than before.
I had a party while my parents were out of town.
You were there.
I always liked you.
I always wanted to know you more than classes.
You were smart but played it down to be cool.
You talked to me online because I was too shy in person,
but I saw you in my own hallway.
You asked me where the bathroom was
so I pulled you by the shirt
& said: "it's right here" & pushed you into my brother's old room
(sorry Matt) where we began ferociously making out.
All of my shyness unbuttoned,
all the old thoughts of you erupted from my mouth & hands,
fucking finally!
Now I wonder what you're doing
how you are
& how badly you had to go the bathroom.

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