Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is my remote pocket of the internet universe. I can talk about whatever random thoughts ive had/been having. I was sitting and talking to amy about animals. "I think animals do have emotions like humans but maybe they're just more raw. Elephants mourn their dead. Certain animals seem to be smarter than others, like dolphins and pigs. What if what we interpret to be a wild and aggressive reaction from an animal is actually an animal knowing that humans are wasteful and might even kill them and eat them given the opportunity. or what we interpret to be the opposite reaction of this violence- to cooperate with humans & to be docile as a means to negotiate with humans out of fear like the masses with a tyrant. cats domesticated themselves. maybe thats why the eygptians worshipped them-they seem pretty smart in that way. they receive affection and food from humans while roaming and sleeping where they please as our pets so we don't kill them. maybe animals that flee from us are just more aware that people can be cruel. cows always seem so spooked by us. we eat them with fries & a coke here. cows are holy in india...are they spooked there? dogs can be devastated by violent pasts-they will attack people for what seems to be no reason at all because they have been so scarred before. just like a person with a violent upbringing can become violent themselves.
penguins are monogamous & I wouldn't even consider humans monogamous. we have a lot to learn from penguins. even two male penguins select a rock and take care of it as if it were an egg. they adopt a rock and make it a part of their family.
it's easy to say animals arent as evolved because we see them participate in what we call savage behavior but maybe we also say that because we eat and abuse them & it doesnt seem to make us feel as guilty if we deem them to be subordinate.
its true, ive never seen a dog write a symphony
but sometimes a dog can have more compassion than a person can
an insect can create a more sustainable universe than we can
a tiger can snap after being subjected to years of humiliating performance tricks because maybe inside the beast knows what is being done to it is not right. it can be trained as a slave of entertainment, and some remain trained, but others know that they were meant for sunlight and not spotlight.
& to creatures of the sea we are aliens. we put on a special suit so we can breathe in their atmosphere and then we either admire them or abduct them and study them or eat them or keep them as pets to display. aquariums. earthriums with humanriums exhibits.
there's nobility in a lion pouncing on an antelope or a cat capturing a mouse, someone using their polished skills and tools to hunt their dinner, rather than when I stand in the frozen meat section and pick out a cold slab of whatever I please to cook later based on price and fat content.
I say all this and let my thoughts tumble out and ramble for awhile, but you know I had a cheeseburger yesterday.
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