Monday, July 16, 2012

Write your goals down on paper (online)

Before this month ends I will:

Get my Cicerone certification.
Make this apartment feel even more spacious and like home.
Get my mom a great birthday present.
Sell at least $1,000 in one day/ or night at work.
Become a better server.
Better my attitude.
Make Tali something and...tell her how much she means to me.
Find more time to work out.
Make at least 3 new recipes.
Do something nice for my brother.
Write in my blog at least four more times.

Before this year ends I will:

Have something published.
Figure out if I'm going back to school.
Learn to let go of worry a little more.
Love more openly.
Finish a piece of artwork.
Write more poems than I did last year.
Be proud of who I'm becoming.
Be better about communicating with the ones I love.
Be on top of my bills and finances.
Be more responsible.

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