Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dig into me,

manipulate me into shapes,
into states.
Let me run through your hands.
Let me go 
as abruptly as the tide. 
but I am not the sand 
for you to grab or fall into,
I am not the shore 
to rest your tired breath.  
I am more than 
the sides of me you perceive;
I am my own world 
& I choose your significance. 

.Laura Curren.

My words can be sharp 

but I have a soft tongue to
suck out my poison 
Haiku 43 .Laura Curren.

You can let it all become a bitter pile 
of your own rubble. You can tell others 
this is where you lost your sense of [whatever], 
when this person did that to you. 
You can point to this & that 
when your energy hangs stagnantly
like the smell of something forgotten.
Or you can hold on to the music in your chest,
you can rummage through the dirt & what's left
& pull out sharp pieces that become polished 
with your perception. 
The shards of truth & experience 
could build a wall
or a mirror. 

.Laura Curren. 

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