Wednesday, December 7, 2016

You come when you want
just like creativity, 
without asking me
.Laura Curren.

When I'm gone 
you can
appreciate me 
by wishing I was there
when something funny happens. 
.Laura Curren. 

The poetry of 
my soul is craving to be
read by your whole heart.
.Laura Curren.

You understand 
how to peel 
layers off 
outside & within me. 
I surrender to 
the look in your eyes 
& my weakness for 
your hands on my skin. 
.Laura Curren.

I hope in the midst 
of one of your tornadoes, 
you can scream louder than it,
over everything that you're throwing 
at yourself.  
& I'm not saying 
the sun is coming out right away, 
but be kind to yourself today. 

.Laura Curren.

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