Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sometimes you know the answer already 
but you need someone else to ask the question.
I was drawn to his laugh & the way it bounced 
around his ribs & out of his chest,
the way his sorrows pulled his eyes to the ground
& how his hands spilled the words out
through the music he made,
through a touch I craved,
how the concert we went to in the rain made us peel off 
our wet clothes & melted our mouths together, 
how maybe I could lace lights around his dark 
& make him think my love was a night sky to 
make him feel alive. 
I wanted his sad, the looks in his eyes. 
I wanted his warmth around me. 
I made excuses for his distance. 
I became a therapist in my own head. 
My friend could see my deflated pride trying to breathe 
whatever promise was left hanging in the air. 
She sat & listened to the story of him I built. 
She listened to me say, "He's got a lot going on. 
He has a lot of stress in his life...he's really busy. 
He has a crazy schedule."
Then she turned & looked at me & said, 
"Does he know yours?" 
.Laura Curren.
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