Sunday, December 11, 2016

For awhile it feels like the salt of our wounds 
will never let our love grow again.
All the resentment has pulled out roots 
& broken off branches. 
Our toxic ways have cracked the ground.
The land mines we slink around  
& simultaneously throw by pretending not to care 
make it hard to find a place to rest.   
Despite all this, I'm always surprised to see seeds 
from my memory sprouting. You & I laughing & touching
like nothing could sabotage it in those moments. 
When you come back to me you're suspiciously sweet 
& spread over my tongue. But the taste of our passion 
running down my lips becomes vines &  weeds 
tangling me. 
I cut you down when I feel you growing out of my control 
& away from me. 
While I'm trying to find a balance between feeding 
or killing me, 
real love waits somewhere else entirely. 

.Laura Curren.
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