Monday, December 19, 2016

My dad talks to plants 
& objects, giving more life 
to things when he can.

Haiku 53.Laura Curren. 

I didn't understand heartache 
until I saw my eyes in someone else.
Past problems given to me by 
who I chose to be with filled my veins. 
because I chose to take them.
I took everything I could from hearts 
I gave everything I could to.
I kept their pain with me & spread it on my chest
blocking out any light that tried to cut through.
I let it cover me angrily until it peeled into sorrow,
until it was fading away with the days 
but I found myself giving it to
anyone who dared to be close to me during those times.
I saw what I had been going through in their eyes.

.Laura Curren. 
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