Wednesday, December 21, 2016

If I were to paint 

our love I'd need more colors 
than this earth offers. 

Haiku 54 .Laura Curren.

The topography 

of your body is something 
I want to explore.

Haiku 55 .Laura Curren. 

There's still life pumping

under scars.

-Six word story challenge 

.Laura Curren.

Our dips & curves 

pulsate together 
like sound waves,
music that 
penetrates my body & mind.

You want me tonight.
You want an electric touch
to light your dark moods.
You want to explode
into a new universe.
You want somewhere else.
You want to feel the 
present with no past anchors,
no future demons. 
You want all of me
to forget yourself & time.
You want none of me
if you won't allow me to
be significant. 
I don't want to be
just a taste, the sweat on your 
back rolled onto sheets.
I want someone who
makes reality seem like
the greatest escape. 

.Laura Curren.

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