Saturday, December 3, 2016

Spread your thoughts of me 
over my skin so I can 
feel how you see me

Haiku 42.Laura Curren.

My dad hates any kind of shopping 
(unless it's for telescopes on eBay). My mom asked him 
to go to the grocery store for her 
on Christmas Eve of all days; 
"Terry I need two pounds of walnuts 
for the cinnamon rolls please. Two pounds. Walnuts." 
The anxiety I inherited is brewing in him 
& his white caterpillar eyebrows rise in concern for this errand. 
She again calls out "Two pounds of walnuts!" as his tall white haired head bobs out the door. I can imagine a palpable chaos 
inside the store, the holiday music playing too fast, like a demented carousel taking the rest of the year with it. 
I imagine the avalanches of buyers in the aisles 
& crowded & rushed cashiers looking at the clocks too. 
My dad returns home so proud of himself 
for surviving the task & for pleasing my mom. 
He says most triumphantly, "I got your almonds! Two pounds." 
My mom smiles a little crescent moon smile 
& places her palm on my dad's shoulder & says, 
"Thank you," 
& then goes back to making walnutless cinnamon rolls. 

.Laura Curren.
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